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Who we are

Our website address is: This website is owned by Stichting The Natural Step Nederland. Our main website is



We highly value our visitors privacy. Therefore we collect personal data as little as possible. Information we collect is anonymized when possible, is treated confidentially and is never traded with third parties.


Account- and payment data

You will possibly supply personal data when placing orders. For this, our website makes use of the service WooCommerce. WooCommerce does not relay data to other websites or to Woocommerce itself. The data is stored on our servers temporarily. Access to our servers is secured and restricted.

For payment processing, we use ‘secure payment provider’ Mollie. Collection and processing of payment and bank data takes place in Mollies secured area completely, this data is not stored on our servers. Mollie adheres to European guidelines for internet payment safety and has been included in the register of De Nederlandsche Bank. For more information on Mollie data protection, please see



Our website makes use of SSL. This means that all data collected through the website is transferred securely. 



Cookies are small text files that are stored in a special place on your computer by websites you visit, for example to ensure you can remain logged in automatically. Cookies can also be used for marketing and other purposes, such as monitoring which websites you visit. Our website uses a cookie to keep you logged in exclusively, and only if you choose so yourself.


Youtube cookies

Our website features Youtube videos. These videos are embedded in a privacy friendly way to prevent Youtube from automatically placing cookies on your computer. Please note: if you play the video, this cookie will be placed. For more information regarding Youtube cookies, please see Google/Youtube’s privacy page


Website statistics

For website statistics we use the anonymized version of Google Analytics.



Do you have any questions about our privacy policy? Please feel free to contact us at