The Natural Step Basics

The Natural Step Basics

The Natural Step Basics.
Sustainable learning, planning and making a difference

Designing a sustainable organization may seem complicated, but it is not. You just need to know how to do this. Our approach has proven itself in practice for 30 years (since 1989). In the late 1980s, the brightest minds of the time from all kinds of fields reduced the problem of sustainability to the most fundamental truths and an approach to planning. The Natural Step in Vogelvlucht gives you the shared language and approach to design sustainable organizations (but also products, neighborhoods or even countries) in a future-proof manner.

What will you learn?

  • You know the challenges of a sustainable society
  • You know the root causes of unsustainability
  • You learn the rules of the game for sustainability planning
  • You learn by means of backcasting to shape the process for your sustainability strategy

Who can participate?

In principle, anyone can participate in this module. Whether you are program manager sustainability, member of the Supervisory Board, developer, commercial employee, etc. does not matter. The shared language helps you to fulfill your challenges.

Contents of this e-module

1.1 History of The Natural Step Framework

1.2 Sustainability is…

1.3 Quality of Life

1.4 Our relationship with nature

2.1 The pressure is increasing

2.2 A complex challenge

2.3 The energy transition

3.1 You cannot breathe money

3.2 How does our system work?

3.3 Tailor-made for us

4.1 We extract too many substances from the earth’s crust

4.2 We create a lot of new substances

4.3 We tear down nature

4.4 We prevent people from meeting their basic human needs

4.5 Take a deep breath

5.1 Sustainability principle 1

5.2 Sustainability principle 2

5.3 Sustainability principle 3

5.4 Sustainability principle 4

6.1 What is backcasting?

6.2 Step by step into the future

7.1 An economy that improves quality of life

More important than ever!

We are all deeply affected by the current crisis. It shows us that we are undermining the systems of our society and nature in a number of ways, but it also has benefits; we have more time for our families, use less fossil fuels, breathe clean air. What if we use this situation to reflect? What would our world look like if we started designing things differently? With our online training you can already take the first step.

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The Natural Step Basics

Plans for Sustainable Development and Quality of Life
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Gained more insight into how we deal with the earth and what is possible to improve it.


This E-learning has made us even more aware of the state of our nature and that something has to change.

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Rich support environment in e-learning and well-functioning applications and top guidance! Inspiring!


This approach makes working on sustainability (relatively ) simple.

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