1.1 original

1.1 First some history

In the 1980s, Swedish pediatric oncologist Karl-Henrik Robèrt was saddened to see the number of children visiting his practice increasing every year. He concluded that we invest more time and money in combating consequences than in preventing causes. Consider the increasing pollution, especially the large-scale use of carcinogenic substances that build up in nature. This was the beginning of his mission to help make the world more sustainable.

Karl Henrik soon discovered that everyone seemed to contradict each other when it comes to sustainability. There was no shared goal or systematic approach to heal the patient “the earth”. Together with scientists, education, governments and industry, he has developed 4 scientificly based principles for sustainability that, together with a strategic approach, help to design a sustainable future. It was the start of The Natural Step and the beginning of a growing global movement.

Since 1989, millions of people have come into contact with The Natural Step and thousands of small and large organizations from all over the world have mastered this way of working and thinking. Step by step on the way to a sustainable society.