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3.1 You cannot breathe money

Mutual dependance

Which one is true? ‘We can have a planet without an economy’ or ‘We can have an economy without our planet’ If we put it like that, it quickly becomes clear: we are completely dependent on the proper functioning of our planet. The planet (our biosphere) provides all the services (clean air, food, water, insects, materials, etc.) that we need to live. It is the only place in the universe that we know, so far, where our way of life is possible. All plants and animals (and therefore also us as humans) live here on earth.

Within this our society has arisen in which the connection between people and their interactions is central. And this society subsequently invented systems that organize and regulate our lives. An example of such a system is our economy.

There is no economy without materials and people. So, the planet would do just fine without the economy. But the economy is depending on the natural systems and the people that live in them. Therefore, sustainable solutions should improve quality of life, within the ecological limits of the planet in order to ultimately build a good “business case”.

Below we will go into more detail about the functions of our planet.