3.3 original

3.3 Tailor-made for us

Innovating 4.6 billion years

Our ecosystem took 4.6 billion years to become what it is today: the perfect living environment for us. Habitat for humans, so to speak.

It is a very complex and adaptive system with innumerable interdependencies. The natural cycles work like a Swiss clock, perfectly balanced. Everything that now lives, grows and flourishes is perfectly attuned to the conditions in this closed system.

1 to 12 we entered the stage

Here you can see the history of the earth (and ultimately our perfect living environment) depicted in 24 hours. We as humans do not enter the stage until 40 seconds before midnight.

Only in the last second before midnight do we intervene on an increasingly large scale in this system. How? We will now go into that.

For inspiration, a video about the unique interdependencies in our ecosystem. Change one thing and you change everything.