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4.2 We create a lot of new substances

We introduce too many chemicals into our biosphere too quickly and at a faster rate than nature can process. We usually talk about chemicals that are made from materials that already occur in nature or the earth’s crust, but we process these substances with different biological, physical or chemical processes to create completely new substances.

We have developed countless types of plastics with hardeners, softeners, fire retardants, chemical pigments, etc. Nature cannot properly break down these substances in its natural cycles and the breakdown or conversion takes an extremely long time.

The plastic soup in the Pacific measures 1.6 million km2. That’s 3 times France!

You can also think of herbicide, fungicide, coolants for air conditioners, paint pigments, solvents, MDF / chipboard, resins, formaldehyde in insulation-volatile solvents, the list is long. And all these substances build up under the glass cap.

It is not feasible in practice to test all substances for harmful effects. New substances are added every day and the research into the short and long term effects takes an enormous amount of time and money.

We have often already banned the harmful substances of which we do know what the effects are, even though they sometimes come back in other products through a detour.

The development of medicine, the development of crop protection agents, food additives, new types of paint, the use of plastics or insulation; We have put all these examples together and call them the root cause under 2: we create too many – and introduce them very rapidly into our biosphere – chemical substances.