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5.2 Sustainability Principle 2

Back to the problem …

We make new substances or compounds every day; at such a fast pace that they build up under our glass cap and lead to all kinds of problems for humans, animals and the environment. The same effect as with substances from the earth’s crust: the substances build up under the glass cap (biosphere) and cannot be broken down or included into the natural cycles.

The strange thing is that very few substances have actually been researched for long-term effects. Nevertheless, we allow the release of these substances on a large scale. As a result, these substances build up in our ecosystem as well as in our body.

What you can do not to break Rule 2

Sustainability principle 2 does not say that we cannot use chemicals at all. It is difficult to imagine a society that could function without chemicals. The point is that we need to deal with them in a completely different way. Examples of solutions:

  1. Reduce the number of types of chemicals, increase reuse and efficiency
  2. Use organic alternatives that break down easily in nature
  3. Bring foreign substances in closed cycles so that they do not leak out into nature
  4. Improve testing and assessment methods to better estimate risks

Below you can see a number of practical examples.