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1.4 Our relationship with nature

Top service and free too

We depend on nature. Without nature we cannot fulfill many of our basic needs. Fortunately, the earth provides us with all kinds of ecosystem services. What is extra special is that we do not have to pay for those services. It’s all free!

Below you can see the different parts of Eco System Services.

  • Clean drinking water
  • Food
  • Clean air
  • Energy; sun, wind and water
  • Fertile soil on which to grow our food
  • Pollination of fruit crops
  • Break down toxic substances
  • Protection against pests and diseases
  • Prevent erosion
  • H2O balance
  • Protection against weather extremes
  • Climate balance and thus a livable habitat
  • Reuse of nutrients (nutrients)
  • Photosynthesis
  • Wood and building materials and raw materials
  • Aesthetic environment, beauty
  • Well-being and relaxation
  • Promotion of mental and physical health

Help nature help us

Nature helps to fulfill many of our needs, but we are asking too much at the moment.

If everyone would live like us in the Netherlands, we would need more than 3.5 globe. We do not have one, so now is the time to take steps and to treat our planet differently. This means planning differently, managing differently, using differently. If we restore what we have damaged, nature can continue to take care of us.

Watch the video below in which our relationship to nature is beautifully expressed: Nature is Speaking with Julia Roberts.