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Our training courses are delivered by passionate trainers who have worked with businesses and communities – large and small – all over the world. We draw on The Natural Step’s 30 years of practical experience in researching, developing and refining our approach with countless customers and partners.

Training programs

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The Natural Step Basics

Quality of Life within the limits of the Earth is what we define as sustainable development. In this online course you will learn the basic concepts of The Natural Step approach and you will discover how to plan strategically for a sustainable future.

Why The Natural Step?

Welcome to The Natural Step Academy. The Natural Step has been at the forefront of sustainable development worldwide for over 30 years. We originated in Sweden in the late 1980s and have since been involved in making thousands of organizations in all layers of society more sustainable.

Important parts of our way of working are the transfer of knowledge and the embedding of sustainability in learning organisations. We do this with great passion and with a worldwide network of partners.

For and by professionals

Our training courses are aimed at applying sustainability in daily business operations. For this we bring a lot of experience with us that helps you with the translation into your work.


Learn to apply faster

With the enourmous challenges of our time closing in on us, we have no time to lose. We need to make decisions faster, change faster, learn from things that aren’t going well and help others do the same.


From talking to doing!

We can talk endlessly about what sustainability and quality of life mean exactly, but that ‘knowing’ only serves a purpose if we can convert it into action. We help you learn to do that.

From practice to theory

We are not just an educator in sustainability. The majority of our knowledge is linked to practice. As a result, we are well aware of what works and what does not work and we share this knowledge with you!

Our Team

You are our most important team member. Because only through collaboration can we make a success of this approach. But you can rely on us. See who you can ask for what.

Suzanne Wacanno

Suzanne Wacanno

Senior Associate | Senior Trainer

I help you to get from dreaming to doing and together with the whole team we bring energy and movement. I would like to share my background in HR and organizational development with you.

Berend Aanraad

Berend Aanraad

Executive Director | Senior Trainer

I help you connect and translate your ambitions into ‘really doing’ in practice and how you embed that in your organization. I am happy to share my knowledge of developing sustainable organizations with you.

Miriam van der Linden

Miriam van der Linden

Planning & Organization

I make sure everything runs smoothly. The agendas are planned and coordinated and I make sure that the right things are available at the right time at the right place.

Nobby van Gisbergen

Nobby van Gisbergen

UI, UX and ICT

For me, Interaction / UX Design is largely about simplification, making our tools understandable and therefore pleasant to use. So that your team can move forward quickly.

Marlon van Schellenbeek

Marlon van Schellenbeek

Creative management

I will make sure that your communication is completely in line with what you have in mind. Together we create a powerful look and feel and ensure that your colleagues shine.

"If you want to have an effect in the long term, you really have to do it together"


Naomie Wierts – Sustainability Advisor

"Getting lost in the right direction is better than standing still"

Mandy Figaroa, Communication Advisor Sustainability

"Only together can we solve the big challenges"

Anke Struijs, Advisor Sustainable Development

"The point is that it has become normal, that you just do things sustainably"

Rozemarijn Vollebregt, Facilitator & Communications Advisor BrabantWonen