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Since the founding of The Natural Step (1989), we have been engaged in researching, developing, delivering and refining vocational and adult education programs. From Cambridge University (UK) to the Asian Institute of Management (Philippines) and from open training to tailor-made e-modules; a shared language and a shared understanding of sustainability is what makes The Natural Step’s sustainability courses unique.

Online learning

  • Online courses for sustainability
  • Learn to work with the TNS framework
  • Tailor-made with your own sustainability ambitions
  • Various programs
  • Support & service
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Open courses

  • E-learning TNS basics
  • Planning for Sustainability
    (Level 1)
    2 days offline or 1.5 day online
  • Leadership for Sustainability
    (Level 2)
    2.5 days offline or 2 days online

Incompany training

  • E-learning TNS basics
  • Ambassador for sustainability
    2 days offline or 2 days online
  • Facilitator in sustainability
    4 days offline or 8 morning sessions online
  • Official TNS Certificate
  • Customization with own corporate program

E-learning sustainability – The Natural Step basics

E-learning sustainability – The Natural Step basics

In this E-learning sustainability you will learn the basic concepts of The Natural Step approach and discover how you can plan strategically towards a sustainable future. In clear language you learn what sustainability exactly is, what the rules of the game for sustainable development are and how to use them to strategically plan for sustainability.

The Natural Step basics is the complete introduction to our thinking and gives you the shared language and approach to design a sustainable organization (but also products, neighborhoods or even countries) for the future.

69,00 excl. BTW/VAT

Interested in a customized version?

For, among others, Woonbedrijf, Municipality of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Safety Region Brabant Noord, Woonbron, Actium, Brabant Wonen and Vidomes, we developed their own E-learning for sustainability with their our own videos, animations, sustainability policy, timeline, etc. … to inspire and activate colleagues and partners. Learn more?

"Wil je effect hebben op lange termijn, dan moet je het echt samen doen"

Testimonial Item

Naomie Wierts

Sustainability Manager Vidomes

"Verdwalen in de juiste richting is beter dan stilstaan"

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Mandy Figaroa

Communicatieadviseur Duurzaamheid Gemeente Eindhoven

"Alleen samen kunnen we de grote uitdagingen oplossen"

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Anke Struijs

Beleidsadviseur Duurzaamheid Wooninc

"Het gaat erom dat het gewoon is geworden, dat je gewoon duurzaam dingen doet"

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Rosemarijn Vollebrecht

Facilitator en Communicatieadviseur Brabant Wonen