E-learning sustainability – The Natural Step basics

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E-learning sustainability – The Natural Step basics

In this E-learning sustainability you will learn the basic concepts of The Natural Step approach and discover how you can plan strategically towards a sustainable future. In clear language you learn what sustainability exactly is, what the rules of the game for sustainable development are and how to use them to strategically plan for sustainability.

The Natural Step basics is the complete introduction to our thinking and gives you the shared language and approach to design a sustainable organization (but also products, neighborhoods or even countries) for the future.

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What will you learn in this e-learning for sustainability?

  • You know the challenges of a sustainable society
  • You know the root causes of unsustainability
  • You learn the rules of the game for sustainability planning
  • You learn by means of backcasting to shape the process for your sustainability strategy

Who can participate?

In principle, everyone can participate in this e-learning for sustainability. Whether you are program manager sustainability, member of the Supervisory Board, developer, commercial employee, etc. does not matter. The shared language helps you to fulfill your challenges.

What will you get?

You will have one year of full access to the course After completion you will receive a certificate of participation This certificate will grant you a discount to our live Level 1 - Planning for Sustainability course.

Table of Contents

1. The future is awesome!

  • History of The Natural Step
  • Sustainability is…
  • Quality of Life
  • Our relationship with nature

Sustainability Education






2. But we do have a problem

  • The pressure is increasing
  • A complex challenge
  • The energy transition

3. How this planet works

  • You cannot breathe money
  • How does our system work?
  • Tailor-made for us

4. Where do we go wrong?

  • We extract too many substances from the earth’s crust
  • We create a lot of new substances
  • We tear down nature
  • We prevent people from meeting their basic human needs
  • Take a deep breath

5. From challenges to solutions

  • Sustainability principle 1
  • Sustainability principle 2
  • Sustainability principle 3
  • Sustainability principle 4

6. Backcasting - a process for planning of sustainability in organisations

  • What is backcasting?
  • Step by step into the future

7. Inspiration for a new future

  • An economy that improves quality of life

Do you want to know how our partners experience the approach? Then take a look at the video by Interface-founder Ray Anderson below:

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